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Myths and legendsSanta Cruz

The Potoo – Santa Cruz


"It was that is was a young Indian as beautiful as graciosa", daughter of the chieftain of a tribe that dwelt in a clearing in the jungle. He loved and was beloved of a waiter of the same tribe, handsome and brave, but perhaps more tender heart that meets a warrior.

To learn of those loves the old Chief, that was at the same time consummate sorcerer, not finding the worthy young man of his daughter, He decided to put an end to the romance of the easy and speedy way. He called the lover and earned their magical arts led him to the thicket, where gave him maliciously death.

After experiencing the prolonged absence of the beloved, the indiecita fell into suspicion and was in his jungle in search. To go home with painful evidence, he rebuked the father between sobbing and sobbing, threatening to give notice to the people of the crime committed.

The old sorcerer transformed it instantly into night, so that no one knew what happened. But the voice of the unfortunate happened to the throat of the bird and through this followed in the endless lament for the death of the beloved.

This is what concerned the neighboring on the origin of the Potoo and her flebil singing of the jungle nights."

Hernando Sanabria

La Paz, Bolivia (1996)

"Traditions, legends and cases of Santa Cruz de la Sierra"