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Myths and legendsSanta Cruz

The lantern of the afterlife – Santa cruz

"Since anyone saw him for the first time, and this was for the first third of the century extinct, until everyone consented that had ceased to be see, there between the first and second decades of the century soon to become extinct, the so-called "lantern of another life" was material of testimonies which more reliable and comments to more poignant.

It was a bluff as any other that at that time were used to walk these streets of God deprived of all light night, as it was not the Moon in its beneficial phase. But not carried by Christian hands in current existence, Judging by the way as ran and the profound silence that reigned in its path.

When had the last Bell of the Cathedral clock announced the middle of the night, Ghost Lantern, or whatever, It began to be seen in this or those sleeping city streets. Was the current size, and left warn through his glasses a flickering flame of candle which might well be sebum or be wax. It glided below the runners, height and available if it were carried by any person, but as if this afore very step by step, with great difficulty and stopping here and there for moments.

He had no defined route, because sometimes he was seen in a street and others in different street. However, who managed to best expectation, They claimed that he was leaving the backgrounds of the Chapel (Garden of the rectory of Jesús Nazareno), I was going here or there and already there near dawn again, If it is that not is it slipped suddenly in some corner.

Unlike other apparitions from beyond the grave, or brought with him any rumor, It was or they were on the move around. No dogs howl was heard and also no Yelp of OWL.

It frightened and empavorecía, don't need to say it. Some to see it from a distance and suddenly, they cast to run without brake. Revelers were among these, the poorly inclined and the night owls for forbidden purposes. Others were waiting to be approaches a little, among them some daredevil and some curious people are not missing. But even these concluded by Dodge it, making crosses, and take the race.

It was the voice that good, the righteous and good conscience could very well find it, without that nothing bad happens to. But no one of the dyed as such were encouraged to take the test, surely because something of herself warned them that they were not the so-called.

Supposedly after some blessed with virtuous fame, that downside more than enough to go to mass, It warned of unexpectedly that the Lantern ran a short distance from her. Stopped there same terrified and respectful, giving to mumble an our father for the souls in purgatory and closed her eyes. When reopened them, the Lantern had disappeared.

Later disappeared entirely and, apparently, definitely."