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Silpancho Cochabamba – Cochabamba


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Silpancho Cochabamba – Cochabamba

It is a dry dish with breaded beef, skillet-fried, accompanied by a fried egg and raw onion salad, tomato and locoto (llajua). Served with rice and fried potato.

This dish is relatively contemporary having no more than 60 years since I was prepared for the first time. It consists of rice, Potatos, a circular slice of beef with bread and FRY that covers most of the dish, and one or two eggs. Usually come with potatoes boiled then fried and, a salad composed basically of onion and tomato into small cubes at the top, other variants are also carrot, Optionally if suggests it the diner, It is usually served with diced locoto either in the same salad or other small container aside.

The dish originally didn't get the rice and egg being that the creator, Celia source Peredo (1928-2008), It was the first to put the ingredients now known to the sillp ’ width.

In Cochabamba, it is common to find sites dedicated exclusively to the sale of this dish.

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