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Feast of all Saints in Bolivia


During this festival, the memory of the dead is grown, blooming their graves; the cemetery is filled throughout the day, and families come to pay homage to their ancestors. The feast of all Saints takes place the 2 November, However, This festival starts a day before; to noon, When the souls of the dead come to houses to share with your loved ones; you are still on Earth.

On 1 November, at noon; the families of the deceased ready a table on which have a tablecloth (White if the deceased is a child, Black if the deceased is an adult) and the table becomes symbolic objects (dishes, fruit, cookies, sweet, flowers, sugar cane, drinks, wine, etc.); He also gets a picture of being remembered and several candles.

This Festival, something very distinctive is put on the table, they are the T'antawawas (children of bread), which are made of different sizes; stairs are also made, horses, the cross, all made of bread, in this way the deceased are served what is on the table, Since it is found in the table, what they liked most in life.

At noon, of the 2 November, It begins the ritual of bouncing souls who must return to the underworld, This is accompanied by a hearty meal, because the dead need lots of energy for its return journey.

This festivity is very traditional in Bolivia, and the more traditional families is done with great faith and joy, because they know that their loved ones, that you have already departed from this world, visit them.

Bethlehem Condarco
Student of tourism UMSA


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